Roofing Shingles Prices

If its time for a new roof you are going to want to be aware of the roofing shingles prices in your area as the cost of these will be the overriding factor when the quotes start coming in from the roofers.

Obviously the cost will depend much on the type and quality. Metal shingles are going to cost a lot more than felt ones but you have to consider how much longer a metal roof would last compared to one covered in felt.

Fiberglass shingles are another option and come with the added bonus of being nice and light so no extra work is required on the roof decking.

Basically, the longer the shingles will last the more they will cost.

Your average 3 tab shingles for example will cost your roofer somewhere between $19 and $ 22 per bundle where as composite shingles which will last a few years longer will cost from $25 to $32 a bundle.

If work is required on the roof decking then its not just the roofing shingles prices that are going to effect the total cost of your new roof.

Never just take a couple of bids for the work you need doing. I recommend contacting around 5 local companies and don't just go with the first 5 in the phone book either. Ask friends and family for recommendations as usually this is the best way to get a reliable contractor.

Once you have your bids in you can make your choice but its worth noting that the cheapest quote is not always the best.

  • Did they turn up when they said they would to look at the job?
  • Did they supply contact details of past clients so you can check out references?
  • If they did were they recent jobs?
  • When can they start? If its 'tomorrow' alarm bells should ring but if they have a very good reputation then they could be busy for months.
  • Do they have a good reputation and are they members of any trade federations?

These and other questions should be considered as well as the bid.

Sometimes you will take a shine to one of the bidders but he's priced it too high. If this happens you can take the lowest bid to them and explain you would like them to do the job and can they match the lowest bid.

Often you will find that the higher bidder has priced for using better quality materials.

If you need to get your new roof done as cheaply as possible consider offering to dispose of the old shingles yourself or even stripping the roof yourself ready for them.

For the lowest price you could always do the whole job yourself but its worth noting that when you are phoning around for roofing shingles prices that you won't get as low a price as a roofing company.

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